Different types of nursing students

Different types of nursing students

1. The Narrator

When it comes to sharing personal experiences, they are the storytellers, who always have something to say and they never hold back. They will share stories about their own lives and that of everyone they have met just to buttress the point they’re making.

2. The Inquisitive one

This is the person who always has a question to ask, and they never stop. We all have one or more of this category of people in our classes and when they signify that they have a question, the rest of the class just knows what’s coming.

Sometimes, you may groan because they ask questions that elongate the lecture time, and no, it does not matter if it is a boring lecture or not.

3. The Worrier

It would be a gross understatement to say there are few things to worry about in Nursing school; there are myriads of things! This category of students would launch into a litany, highlighting all the things they are worried about and why at the slightest opportunity.

It does not matter if they are getting good grades, they will still worry about acing a particular paper. You would expect to hear things like “why did I score 97% in that

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