Curanobis is an online solution to freelance Home Healthcare. Our web application creates a community which puts in touch Care Professionals and Care Recipients, offering them a secure tool to interact and book care sessions.

Our concept has been elaborated from scratch by young individuals from the IT world who were guided by an excellent and experienced team of Home Care Specialists.

Together and for the greater benefit of those who need care at home and their Care professionals, we developed an all-in-one and easy solution that safely integrates a unique care booking system, a secure payment gateway and many other useful functions that truly simplify their care organisation. is incorporated in Singapore, under Cura Nobis Pte. Ltd., 15 Hoe Chiang Road, #26-02, Tower Fifteen, Singapore 089136.


We believe that everyone has the right to chose for him/herself and have the freedom to stay independent.

Our passion for the well being of every individuals drove us to design the easiest way to book and manage home care online. Curanobis aims to protect the interests of both : the Care Recipients and the Care Professionals.
It gives to everyone the opportunity to sustain their Care on long term basis.

In latin, Cura Nobis means “Care for us”.
This is exactly what our online portal does. Our website offer Care Professionals the opportunity to advertise their care services online for free and in return, Care Recipients offer them work and satisfaction when they book a Care professional to care for their Health.

Curanobis virtuous circle :

Curanobis frees up the care process of costly intermediaries and offers a flawless interaction between Care Recipients and Care Professionals.

Our ubiquity (you can find us everywhere!) and our clever processes guaranty for a sustainable care at the best possible price. Care Professionals have the opportunity to advertise their skills while earning extra income and serving their passion at the same time.

Care Recipients have a great choice of excellent Care Professionals they can select from.

Ultimately, Curanobis is there to protect the interests of both parties and to simplify the care process for everyone.


Your opinion is important to us. We are very keen to hear about your feedback and your suggestions.

You may wish to send us an email at

Trademark & Copyright, our web application, its concept, its know-how, its rate calculation system among other trade secrets have been trademarked and protected worldwide by copyrights.
Please contact us for more details.

Social Responsability

The very essence of is Social Responsibility. It is at the core of our structure.
Curanobis offers a comprehensive service designed with the welfare of the Community in mind.

Our obsession is to solve the needs and challenges that Care Recipients and Care Professionals face constantly in the care process. By cutting intermediaries between Care Professionals and Care Recipients, Curanobis brings the care to your doorstep in no time and at the best possible market prices. Healthcare therefore comes at a much lower price for the benefit of the entire community while sustaining the revenues of Care Professionals.
By being so accessible to all budget with so many Care professionals categories, Curanobis is able to accelerate recovery process for everyone. The quicker, Care Recipients engage with Care Professionals, the most prevention and rehabilitation can be done. This promotes a better health and should avoid complications as well as future costs escalation. It gives work to many Care Professionals in a stimulating freelanced environment.

Respecting the Environment

The Healthcare Industry is a great consumer of equipment, supplies and goods of all kind.
Most of the items involved in care are single used and thrown away right after usage. Very often, loads of chemicals are required as well if not to treat, at least just to disinfect everything. (Obviously, no compromise can be made on hygiene and safety.)
That is the reason why Curanobis encourages everyone in our Industry to be the best in class while protecting the future of our children, so :

  • Let us be good at recycling whatever can be recycled.
  • Let us not over consume but use just the right amount.
  • Let us privilege green practices whenever possible.
  • Let use public transport, whenever convenient.